Saturday, February 8, 2014

Preaching the Gospel at Work?

Things are a little different in Peru than in the United States.  A new man in our church, Hartur, invited Wehrner to preach at his work.  Hartur works at something similar to a highway department, which is building a new highway in and outside of Cusco.  Each morning the work crew has a charla (a meeting to start the day), at which Wehrner was given 20 minutes to talk.  He preached the gospel to everyone and we gave out a tract and book to each worker.  I was thinking that this would be next to impossible to do in the States.  Surely someone would complain that their rights were being violated and then Wehrner would have been put in jail for hate speech, that is, for preaching the gospel.  We praise God for the opportunity and are thankful that things like this are still allowed.


Unknown said...

Amen! Romans 10:17, Praise God for faithful men who will share the simple, but powerful truth of God.

Anonymous said... about when we are not invited to share the Gospel? What then?