Sunday, January 5, 2014

Church Evangelism Day at the New Mall in Cusco

On the first Sunday of every month our church has a fellowship meal after service and then the whole church hits the streets to evangelize.  We have been pretty consistent in this unless we get rained out.  Today we decided to give out hundreds of gospel tracts at the new mall in Cusco. 

Cusco just got it's first mall, which changed the whole city.  Cusco went from having nothing to almost everything overnight.  For example, we buy most of our groceries at a grocery store that is the size of a very small town grocery store in Montana.  In fact, the gas station stores in the States are usually much bigger and better.  Now, in the mall, they put in something comparable to a Safeway.  The funniest part of the new mall experience is that they put in escalators.  Most of the Cusqueños have not seen an escalator before.   In the first few days, the mall had to have someone stationed at the top and bottom of the escalator to teach people how to get on and off.  The people were almost terrified at the moving stairs.  The lines to get up the stairs were very long because the people froze up and refused to get on.  They would try and time it and then jump.  Many old Quechuan ladies fell on their face at the top because they couldn't get off.  Even now, every time we go to the mall, we see people freeze up in sheer panic when it is their turn to get on.  It is very amusing.  Anyway, there are groves of people flocking to see the new mall so we decided to take advantage of it and give out a lot of tracts.  We gave out around 500 in an hour.  Here is a very short clip of some of the kids in action.  The video is not much since it is hard to film and give out tracts.

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