Tuesday, November 12, 2013

God's Provision


This video is an amazing testimony about God's provision in the lives of His servants, simply by prayer alone, without telling anyone of needs.  Do you believe God is sovereign?  How do you live your life in light of this truth?  You can trust God.  You don't have to run to men nor depend on them.  Go to God alone and he will hold you up.
"All comes from the Lord, without my every either directly or indirectly asking any one but the living God; yes, I would rather go through the greatest difficulties, hardships, and self-denial, than ask any one but the living God; yes, I would rather give up the work entirely, than ask either directly or indirectly any human being for anything, in order that the testimony be not hindered, that to trust in the living God is enough. Be therefore encouraged, dear reader, to do this yourself, regarding everything. If it would be for your real good and the glory of God, that you should have any want supplied, whatever that want may be, you may trust in God for the supply, no, you ought to trust in Him for it; and you will not be confounded. Therefore, with confidence make your requests known to the Lord; be assured that He is able and willing to help you."
"My dear Christian reader, will you not try this way? Will you not know for yourself . . . the preciousness and the happiness of this way of casting all your cares and burdens and necessities upon God? This way is as open to you as to me. . . . Every one is invited and commanded to trust in the Lord, to trust in Him with all his heart, and to cast his burden upon Him, and to call upon Him in the day of trouble. Will you not do this, my dear brethren in Christ? I long that you may do so. I desire that you may taste the sweetness of that state of heart, in which, while surrounded by difficulties and necessities, you can yet be at peace, because you know that the living God, your Father in heaven, cares for you."
George Müller

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