Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Visa update

Good news.  We are off to Lima next Tuesday to get visas for the kids.  We have been approved.  Now, just a long day of waiting in line, more administrative fees and after over 7 months, we will have visas for the whole family.  This means that we do not have to leave the country, unless the laws change again.  We must pay taxes twice a year for our visas and then after 5 years, we must start the whole process over again, but for now, we are safe.  Also it seems that the new law that was supposed to go into affect that would prevent us from getting visas, will be dissolved.  This is great news for us.  God is good and sovereign over all things.  Thank you so much for your prayers for our situation.  Please pray that the process goes smooth and that there are no more hangups.  


Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!

Ryan Richie said...

Great to hear that He has provided for you again with visas.

I kind of miss migraciones and waiting in that line, in that hot, stuffy building with no fan or ventilation.