Thursday, June 9, 2011

Our Amazing Testimony of God´s Provision

O Lord, you are my God; I will exalt you; I will praise your name, for you have done wonderful things, plans formed of old, faithful and sure.(Isaiah 25:1)

God is so amazing!  God has been so faithful in answering our humble prayers.  Who are we that He is mindful of us?  His grace is so abundant.  We want to share with you a huge development that God has accomplished through His perfect means.  We were trying to figure out how to tell everyone what has happened so the name of our God will be glorified and His fame will spread throughout the nations but at the same time we didn’t want to give all the specific details.  This is our attempt at doing this.

We have been influenced by George Muller, not in the sense of starting orphanages but by His solitary dedication to depending on God for provision.  So since we made this decision concerning our support, we have never asked a single person for money nor have we asked to present our ministry to anyone.  We have simple just prayed that God would raise up the churches and individuals to supply our needs.  Normally missionaries spend years traveling around and speaking at many churches to present their ministries and raise up financial support.  We are not opposed to this but we choose not to raise support by this means for the following reasons. 

1.  By only asking God and not men for the means to get into the field and be kept there, God is most glorified.  We can certainly take no credit for our support raising skills because we never raised any support.  God did everything, therefore, He can only take glory for Himself.

2.  Depending on God only was essential to confirm our calling.  If God was really calling us to Peru then He would have to provide the means to get us there and keep us there.  This gave us a much greater dependence on God rather than a dependence on our own fundraising methods.

3.  If we were relying on men to keep us in the mission field then we would soon be disappointed.  Every missionary always receives, at some point, the “dear john” letter from a supporting church that says they are dropping their support because the church needs new carpet.  We trust that if God has called us to Peru and provided the way to Peru, then He will sustain us in Peru and provide our needs.  So if all our supporters die or Peru becomes a communist country (which is very possible) and it becomes impossible to get our money from the United States, we will still be relying on God to provide our needs in other ways and through other people. 

So, did our full reliance on God for support work?  Did God raise up the individuals and churches that He has already ordained from the foundation of the world? 

He has certainly did and He has done it in such a powerful way that will glorify His name so mightily.  Not only did God do it, He did it in 7 months, which is almost unheard of.  Here is how he did it.  We only can comprehend a little of how this all worked behind the scenes but this is what we know.  Some people that volunteered to support us decided not to while others who we never knew existed did so abundantly.  God raised up many individuals and some churches to hold the rope for us.  Many people have told us testimonies of how God answered their prayers to support us in mighty ways.  Support has also come in from people we would have never guessed would support us and from people we do not know and from completely anonymous people.  When we announced that we were going to be missionaries, I never knew very many churches, but God, by His perfect providence, raised up churches that were put in our path that we built a great relationship with and that decided to partner with us in Peru.  One powerful testimony from Fellowship Baptist Church in Sidney, MT, our biggest financial supporter is told below.

Jordan Hall, the pastor of the church, who I like to call the John Piper of Montana because of his zeal for mobilizing and sacrificing support of missionaries, came up with an idea to provide for us in a big way.  I knew nothing of this at the time but was informed of it by Jordan later.  In eastern Montana there is a big oil field and a desperate need for housing.  Many thousands of oil field workers are living in their camp trailers because there are no apartments or houses available to rent or buy. Fellowship Baptist already started a ministry for the oil field workers by providing free showers for the workers.  This ministry had been very fruitful and there have been many God-glorifying testimonies from it.  Now Jordan came up with the idea to turn the basement of the church into a boarding house for the oil field workers and charge them rent.  The church decided to give a part of this rent to us for our personal support and for the support of the two churches that we will start, God willing, in Peru. God blessed this decision and confirmed it by the testimony below from Jordan:

“In the midst of a business meeting to determine whether or not the church body would submit to the Elders on the matter of turning the facility into a boarding house for transient workers, the issue arose about whether or not it was just for profit. While explaining that providing hospitality to the homeless working class is a ministry in and of itself, and trying to decide how to best explain that conversions often come through extended acts of hospitality, a man came stumbling into the meeting and motioned that he wanted to talk to me. As I walked to the back, he met me in the middle of the aisle. Handing me a wad of cash, with liquor on his breath, he gave me a hug so tight only an oilfield worker could. With tears in his eyes and quivering voice he told the church members he appreciated the hospitality. He then volunteered the information that he missed his wife. I motioned to another pastor to speak with the man, and for an hour he shared Christ with him. It seemed a fitting visual aid to get my point across. It's    funny how providence comes when you least, I mean most, expect it. The motion carried.”

Now if I had a million guess on the means that God would use to provide for us, I would have never guessed anything like this.  How much glory does God deserve!  All the glory and praise goes to the Lamb that was slain, who bore all our sins and cleansed every stain.  Fellowship Baptist is so self-less and they live only for the glory of God among the nations.  They could have found hundreds of other ways they could have used the money from the boarding house for their selves but they chose to graciously give it to our work in Peru.  How they will have their riches in heaven as they do not store their treasure up on earth. 

Praise God for His provision and praise God for providing through you faithful people that are holding the rope.  Thank you to all the people that have committed to support us in the field.  Whether you give a widows mite or you sold all that you have, your commitment to God and the great commission is so encouraging to us and so exalting of Christ our Savior.  Since you are holding the rope with what God has given you at home, we can go down into the well as light in the darkness of Peru.  We praise God and glorify Him for you.  Please join us in giving all the glory to God.

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