Friday, January 7, 2011

Passports, Vaccinations and Language School

The time has come to go on our scouting trip to Peru.  We bought plane tickets this month and will leave for Peru on March 10th and return on March 18th. 

On our trip we will meet our Peruvian contact, Walter, tour the city and surrounding areas of Cusco, check out what is available for apartments, go to the church where Walter is a youth pastor, and do some street evangelism.  Just Kim and I will go on this trip along with our good  friend Matt Davis. 

This month we also got Emmy’s and Raegan’s passports as well as all of our vaccinations that we need for Peru.  They pumped our bodies with all sorts of viruses to prevent us from getting the many sicknesses that we will be exposed to in Peru.  They shot us with Yellow fever, Typhoid fever, 2 shots of  Hepatitis A and 3 shots of Hepatitis B, and a Tetanus shot for good measure.  The joys of being a Missionary.

I also contacted the Spanish Language Institute in San Jose, Costa Rica where we will spend our first year learn the language inside and out.  It turns out we must have our application in by March in order to reserve a house  for the year.  The cost was higher than I thought but because of our family size we don’t have much choice.  We are trying to reserve the “big” house but the “big" house is probably the size of small apartment in the US.  This is the point of no return.  Once we sign up and pay for the school and I put in my notice at work then there is no turning back.  This is a big step of faith and we are relying on God totally to provide our needs at the last minute.  We are so excited to get into the field that we can hardly sleep.  God is still performing miracles in our lives by providing for our needs by His wonderful providence and removing obstacles.  Gloria a Dios.

"Y mi Dios proveerá a todas sus necesidades, conforme a sus riquezas en gloria en Cristo Jesús."  Philip. 4:19
Our little Emmy at 6 years old

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